Chigo CRB22C8 – 4 Star Bottom Mount Refrigerator (187 Liter...

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Chigo CRB22C8, a 187 Liters 4-star bottom mount refrigerator designed for efficient cooling and optimal freshness. With its mechanical temperature control, reversible door, and spill-free glass shelves, this refrigerator offers convenient and organized storage. The Multi Flow feature ensures even cooling throughout, while the MoistFresh Zone and slide-out shelf add to its functionality. The Top LED illumination and Big

Guard design make it perfect for a thirsty household. Elevate your food preservation with this energy-efficient refrigerator.

Chigo CRB22C8, a 187 Liters 4-star bottom mount refrigerator designed to redefine freshness and enhance your food preservation experience. This refrigerator is equipped with a range of features to ensure efficient cooling and optimal organization.

Key Features:

  1. Mechanical Temperature Control: Take control of your cooling preferences with the easy-to-use mechanical temperature control, allowing you to set the ideal conditions for your food.
  2. Reversible Door with Magnetic Seal: The reversible door with a magnetic seal adds flexibility to your kitchen layout, providing convenience and easy access to your refrigerated items.
  3. Spill-Free & Toughened Glass Shelves: Enjoy spill-free storage with toughened glass shelves that not only provide strong support but also offer a clear view of the items stored, making organization a breeze.
  4. Multi Flow Feature: The Multi Flow feature ensures even distribution of cool air through vents located on every shelf level, creating an evenly cooled environment for prolonged food freshness.
  5. MoistFresh Zone: The MoistFresh Zone, accessible when the door is open at 90°, allows for efficient storage of items, making it ideal for small spaces.
  6. Slide-Out Shelf: This specially designed shelf can slide out, enabling more efficient organization and easy access to your stored items, reducing unused space inside.
  7. Top LED Illumination: The energy-efficient Top LED illumination brilliantly lights up the entire refrigerator interior, making it easier to find items and reducing the need to keep the door open for extended periods.
  8. Big Guard Design: The Big Guard is deeper than shelves in conventional refrigerators, accommodating large containers, two rows of beverage cans, and bottles. Ideal for a thirsty household, it maximizes storage space.


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