Chigo Gaz cooker 90X60-F9502-ILGT-IS Inox

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  • Compact 50×50 Size: Perfect for kitchens with limited space, providing efficient cooking in a compact design.
  • Stainless Steel (Inox) Finish: The elegant stainless steel construction enhances durability and adds a touch of modernity to your kitchen.
  • ILG (Integrated Lid Grill): Enjoy the convenience of an integrated lid grill for versatile cooking options.
  • IS (Individual Switches): Individual switches for each burner provide precise control over your cooking.
  • Gas Cooking Efficiency: Utilize the power of gas for responsive and efficient cooking performance.

Elevate your culinary experience with the Chigo Gas Cooker 90×60-F9502-ILGT-IS Inox, a harmonious blend of expansive design, precision, and modern aesthetics. Crafted in stainless steel (Inox), this gas cooker is a statement piece for your kitchen, offering unparalleled performance and style.


Spacious 90×60 Size: Designed for those who demand more space, providing ample room for versatile cooking.
Stainless Steel (Inox) Construction: The elegant stainless steel finish enhances durability and brings a touch of contemporary sophistication to your kitchen.
ILGT (Integrated Lid Grill with Thermometer): Experience versatility with the integrated lid grill featuring a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control.
IS (Individual Switches): Individual switches for each burner provide personalized control over your cooking.
Gas Cooking Efficiency: Embrace the efficiency of gas for responsive and reliable cooking performance.

Effortless Cooking, Striking Design:
The Chigo Gas Cooker 90×60-F9502-ILGT-IS Inox is designed for discerning individuals who appreciate both functionality and style in their kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for the family or hosting gatherings, this gas cooker is your reliable and elegant kitchen companion.


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