Decakila Foil Shaver 600MAh Dual Cutter KMHR007W

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Decakila Foil Shaver 600MAh Dual Cutter KMHR007W  – Dual Cutters with Pop-out Long Mustache Trimmer

The Decakila Foil Shaver (KMHR007W) is a grooming essential with dual cutters and a pop-out long mustache trimmer for precise and efficient shaving. Powered by a 600mAh NI-MH battery, it offers 50 minutes of working time after an 8-hour charge. The 46mm width cutter, dual independent drive shafts, and wet/dry use ensure a comfortable and versatile shaving experience. With IPX5 waterproof rating, USB charging, and compact dimensions (1626540), this shaver is a convenient, portable, and effective tool for your grooming routine. Includes a cleaning brush and comes packed in an eye-catching color box.

Decakila Foil Shaver 600MAh Dual Cutter KMHR007W  – Dual Cutters with Pop-out Long Mustache Trimmer


Foil Shaver (Dual Cutters): The shaver is equipped with dual cutters in a foil configuration, enhancing the efficiency of the shaving process.

Pop-out Long Mustache Trimmer: Features a pop-out trimmer specifically designed for precision grooming of long mustaches.

Battery: Powered by a 600mAh nickel-metal hydride (NI-MH) battery.

Charging Time: Requires 8 hours for a full charging cycle.

Working Time: Once fully charged, the shaver provides approximately 50 minutes of working time, allowing for multiple uses on a single charge.

Cutter Width: The foil shaver features a 46mm width cutter, ensuring a wide coverage area during shaving.

Dual Independent Drive Shafts: Incorporates dual, independent drive shafts on each cutter. This design enhances the shaving experience by providing efficient and comfortable results.

Wet and Dry Use: Designed for both wet and dry use, offering flexibility for grooming in various conditions.

IPX5 Waterproof: The shaver is rated IPX5 waterproof, providing protection against water splashes and enabling easy cleaning.

USB Charging: Comes with a 1.8m USB cable for convenient charging.

Accessories: Includes 1 cleaning brush for easy maintenance.

Compact Size: Dimensions – 1626540, making it a portable and handy grooming tool.

Packaging: Packed in an attractive color box.

This enhanced feature set showcases the versatility, convenience, and performance of the Decakila Foil Shaver, making it suitable for a variety of grooming needs


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